How much does a solar power installation cost?

Thanks to innovations in manufacturing and technology - coupled with our financing options and the 30% federal tax credit; it's both easy and affordable to go solar with RisingSun EPC. 

We specialize in designing customized solar power solutions.

Solar power is not one size fits all - it's very important to us that we propose a solar energy system to meet your goals and needs. Getting a solar panel installation price estimate, and custom drawing is easy:

Get started and chat with one of our knowledgeable solar energy consultants by starting a live chat, calling (816) 867-0791, request a free onsite consultation and written proposal (click here) or get a quick and easy online solar energy quote (see form below).

Just looking for ballpark solar panel system pricing? For a 4-bedroom home with a current electricity bill of $125 per month, we might recommend an average sized 7.5 KW solar system.


Projected savings are calculated using historical weather patterns in your area, solar system size, panel orientation, and roof pitch.

Free Solar Consultation.

Schedule a free solar consultation with our managing solar consultant, Keith Murphy, to ask any questions you might have. He has five years of experience designing, installing, and managing solar power installations. Keith has a strong passion for helping clients understand how solar energy works and working with you to meet your goals and get your best possible value.

During the solar energy consultation Keith will review your historical electric usage and evaluate your home via google earth for roof space and solar exposure. You will discuss what percentage of your electrical usage you would like to offset with clean, more affordable solar power, and he will draw you a custom and unique system design for your home/ business.