Why is solar flourishing in Kansas City?

- The costs associated with going solar have been cut in half in the last 15 years in large part due to the tax credits available to you

- The technology has peaked power output with increased efficiency of about 50% over the last 15 years

- The ITC (investment tax credit) was just recently extended at the end of 2015 meaning more tax incentives to you for investing in solar

- Homeowner owned solar systems add around $4 per watt or for the average 5KW system, an additional $20,000 equity to the average home's resale value. Click to learn more. 

- KCP&L requested a 15.8% increase but was only approved for a 12% rate increase over previous rates in 2015 which is well above the national average of 6%. This trend will continue as the Environmental Protection Agency continues  to increase their standards for CO2 emissions. Missouri generates roughly 84% of it's energy from burning coal compared to the national average of 54%. Coal fired generators are a leading cause of CO2 emissions which means our local rates are going to continue to increase higher than the national average. 

- The average monthly electric bill in Kansas City is approximately $120 today. In 25 years that same bill will be $490 a month when increased at just the national average of 6% every year. 

- In 2015, the solar industry accounted for almost 8 times as many new jobs as oil, gas, and coal industries combined. In fact, 1 out of roughly every 80 new jobs in the United States was created in the solar industry. Support our local economy! All of our employees are local and all of these are jobs that will not be shipped overseas.