Our priority is to help you save. 

Looking to get a solar power installation estimate? Interested in going solar with zero down? Questions regarding how solar energy works? Schedule a consultation below, start a live chat, or give us a call to start the conversation.

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Why RisingSun EPC?

- Honest and ethical. Superior customer service from the initial contact to completion of install and throughout the labor warranty.

- American made solar panels with second to none performance, aesthetics, durability, and warranties.

- Our solar installers are licensed electricians, not day laborers

- Our staff has an average of 4 years solar industry experience and we are extremely passionate about solar and our customers

- Our ultimate goal reaches beyond the typical solar installer. We believe in a world where all our energy comes from renewables.

- Did we mention that we're local?

Questions? We have answers! 

Your free solar consultation will only take about 30 - 45 minutes where we'll sit down with you and discuss your energy goals and deliver a customized estimate.  Every project we undertake is unique to your home and energy needs. Not everyone can take advantage of solar. A great solar candidate will have.

- Roof or land space

- Minimal shade

During the solar consultation we will:

- Educate. Clarify how solar power actually works to help you understand how we get from point A to B

- Assess your property and KWH usage to determine whether or not you can benefit from solar power

- Evaluate your energy bills to establish the size of the solar power system needed to eliminate your electric bill

- Generate a customized visual proposal to illustrate exactly what your solar power system will look like

- Detail all utility rebates and tax incentives available to you

- Deliver a customized estimate and demonstrate ROI (return on investment) 

- Answer any unanswered questions

- When you are ready to move forward, we will discuss financing options and work with our industry leading partners make sure we can get you approved